Creative ways to Give

b_321_241_16777215_00_images_AngelParty.jpgLooking for a way to help out BCA?

You can benefit Breast Cancer Angels with your next birthday party, company event, sporting event, bequest BCA in your trust, or other creative ideas!

Birthday Party
Birthday Party by having your friends give to BCA instead of giving gifts. 

Company Event
Have an upcoming casual day or milestone celebrated at your company? Let your employees donate to BCA to celebrate! 

Host an Angel Party
Well we have a FUN suggestion! Host an Angel Party! Hosting an Angel Party is a great way to quality time in with your friends and learn about all the ways your Angel dues help families in your neighborhood! 


 Recently we had a generous donation from a Trust. Talk with your financial advisor for advice on Listing us in your Trust. 


Invite a handful of people over for a cocktail party, or a ton of people for a big blow-out! Your friends and family will be making a difference by simply BEING there!

Call the office today at 714-898-8900 or use our Contact Form for more information!

Angel Club

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Angel! When you become an Angel, you directly help families in your area every month who are struggling due to their current fight with breast cancer.

We process all donations regionally. The money raised in a community will go to help a family in that same community! When you donate to BCA, you are truly helping your neighbor!

A corporate sponsor pays our overhead. This enables us to use 100% of all other donations to assist women in treatment.

We are currently helping 100 families every month, and your membership is vital to us! Thank you!

Come get your wings! Our Angels are our donors! Join our Angel Club by donating monthly to Breast Cancer Angels.


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Come and Get Your Wings!

Breast Cancer Angels is a unique giving opportunity for people who have been seeking out a way to immediately assist people currently in treatment for breast cancer. 

Every day, families are struggling due to an emotionally, spiritually, and financially devastating breast cancer diagnosis.

Sign up to donate monthly, or make a wonderful one-time donation today to assist someone with groceries, gas, personal items and so much more ! 100% of what you contribute will help a family in your neighborhood this month!  

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36 Ways Your Financial Support Can Help

$20.00 assists with personal care items

$25.00 assists with prescription co-pays

$30.00 assists with one doctor co-pay

$35.00 assists with bus passes

$50.00 assists with wound care materials

$50.00 assists with transportation costs

$50.00 assists with back to school supplies

$75.00 assists with one hour social work home visit

$100.00 assists with back to school clothing

$100.00 assists with utilities

$200.00 assists with food needs for one month

$250.00 assists 3 families with diapers, etc. for their young children

$300.00 assists with co-pays for 10 doctor visits

$350.00 assists with one second-opinion visit with Dr. John Link

$400.00 assists with Cobra Ins. Costs for one month

$400.00 pays for gas for 40 visits to radiation appointments (8 wks. 5 days a wk)

$500.00 assists with housing costs for one month

$500.00 pays for one month room & board for the homeless women we assist

$500.00 pays for Books & Tuition for children whose lives have been affected by breast cancer

$750.00 assists with Home Health care expense

$800 covers utilities for three families for one month

$1,000 pays for cremation final expense

$2,000 pays for toys & gifts for 80 children at our client Holiday Party

$3,000 pays for housing assistance for 6 women for one month\

$3,800 is the cost of radiation is 8 weeks, 5 days a week.

$4,000 will cover every family Breast Cancer Angles supports in San Diego for 1 month

$5,000 pays for housing assistance for 10 women for one month

$6,000 will pay for an average of 200 co-pay visits

$7,000 pays for food assistance for 35 families for one month

$8,000 pays for housing assistance for 16 families for one month

$9,000 pays for food assistance for 45 families for one month

$10,000 pays for housing assistance for 10 women for 2 months

$12,000 pays for Breast Cancer Angel Social Worker for a full year

$15,000 in rental assistance will keep a roof over the heads of 30 San Diego families

$30,000 pays for and average month for all of Breast Cancer Angels clients

$160,000 will make the San Diego Breast Cancer Angel chapter fully funded!

Our ProgramsOne Goal Many Ways to give

  • Food Program +

    Breast Cancer Angels provides gift cards to the market of the client’s choice; the dollar amount depends on family size Read More
  • Housing Needs +

    Breast Cancer Angels assists with emergency housing costs. We assist with monthly (up to $500 per month) housing costs for Read More
  • Clothes and Other Needs +

    Breast Cancer Angels provides gift cards to local stores for the needs of children in the home. We do this Read More
  • Second Opinion Fund +

    Jerry & Patti Walsh established a Second Opinion Fund with us, in memory of their daughter, Dayna. We have assisted Read More
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