We need your help. We believe that with the combination of Friends, Family and Fun you can create an exciting event to raise funds for Breast Cancer Angels!

Here are a few suggestions:

Have an Angel Party

An Angel Party is what you want it to be. An Angel Party allows everyone the opportunity to get to know Breast Cancer Angels more in-depth, which helps us all foster a deeper relationship with each other. Some suggestions are below:

  • BBQ
  • Bunko
  • Book Club
  • Dance the night away
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting
  • Fitness and Awareness
  • Rock Painting and Wine
  • Teatime/ Garden Tea
  • Beach Party
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Tupperware, Jewelry, Skincare, Clothing…any direct sales party is a great opportunity for fundraising!

Pick the Date and give us a call we are happy to support you with your adventure. We encourage you to let us know the date and time, this way we are able to attend (if you want us there). We may speak about how we help in a way that will impact the community.

Plan and organize your party as you see fit. Ask a friend or two to help you! Whether you choose to make your party a simple event or extravaganza, the choice is yours. Please remember that the ultimate goal is to raise funds for women enduring treatment, and we SO appreciate you taking the time to share our organization with your family and friends.

Host a Golf Tournament

We are currently working with over 15 golf courses with the Women’s Golf Club. We encourage the Men’s group to do the same or hold a male/female game day.

Tournament Tips for a Successful Breast Cancer Angels Fundraiser

Know Your Purpose: Raising funds for women enduring breast cancer treatment.

Dress Code: Wear pink! (Optional but fun)

Charge an Entry Fee: Most “tournaments” collect this fee as a direct donation of $20-$50/person and collectively donate the total amount to Breast Cancer Angels.  Individuals can also make a separate donation for tax purposes as well.

Offer Opportunity Drawings and/or a Silent Auction: Encourage local businesses, restaurants and golf courses to provide prizes or items that can be placed for auction. Ticket sales for the drawing offer a great source of donations.

Send Donation Letters: Spread the word of your tournament to all members of your group and local community. We can provide you with a sample letter that explains our mission statement and how donations are distributed.

Send and Share Pics! We’d love to share your event on our website and social media. Be sure to take pictures and post them to our Facebook Page.

For more ideas on hosting your own golf tournament please contact us.