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Breast Cancer Angels Thank YOU!


A Message from Breast Cancer Angels' Executive Director Debbie Stroman


I am so proud of the year we have had! Throughout the past 15 years, Breast Cancer Angels has grown in such an amazing way that we are currently touching the lives of over 120 women per month across four counties (Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and the Inland Empire). Your donations are vital and we appreciate you!

In 2015, Donors Like You Provided:
  • $36,000/month for food, rental assistance, gas, utilities, insurance co-pays and final expenses, scholarships and more.
  • $3,000 in back-to-school clothing ($50 gift cards to children of a parent undergoing breast cancer treatment)
  • Christmas presents to 73 children during our annual Toy Drive/Christmas dinner.
  • Christmas dinner delivery to 30 Breast Cancer Angel families via the Roosters Foundation of Orange County
  • $84,000 in housing, rental and mortgage payments to prevent homelessness for our clients
  • $220,000 from our food program
  • $79,000 in transportation, assistance with gas cards, bus fares and car payments
  • $1,700 in medical expenses
  • $5,000 in utilities
  • $2,000 in scholarships to the children of our clients who have passed away.   
Donations from the Heart
Last year, a woman named Julia Chapman passed away from breast cancer at the age of 93. Breast Cancer Angels was designated as the recipient of the Julia and Charles Chapman Estate and as a result, we were able to assist over 150 women because of her donation!
*Breast Cancer Angels is an independent, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
‘Claus for a Cause” Continues
We sadly said goodbye to our dear, Santa Jim this year. He and our Board Member Ann Steinmetz raised over $250,000 for us with their annual fundraisers. Acting as Santa and Mrs. Claus brought them just as much joy as it did to the kids. And, this year, in honor of Jim, you donated over $39,000! What a beautiful testimony to how much he was loved and will be missed. We will continue to collect these memorial donations each year.
BCA Christmas Lunch 
Board Member Lori Franklin and guest speaker, Tiffany Lienau, outdid themselves at this event. Because of their successful efforts, we increased our giving this year by $7,000! Special thanks go out to everyone who contributed to our raffle items and to Trend Offset Printing for their donation which covered the cost of food. Their generosity allows 100% of donations received to be given to our clients undergoing breast cancer treatment.
Board Members and Volunteers 
I would not have been successful this year without the Board of Directors working closely with me to make sure each event was a success. On behalf of our donor recipients, I thank them for all of their dedicated time and effort. I am also thankful to those who helped write thank-you letters, wrapped Christmas presents, provided items for mother's day baskets, assistance at our events and more!

2015's Dynamite Donors!

Andi's Boutique ♥ 'Claus for a Cause ♥ Elks Walk ♥ Industry Dance Awards ♥ Taste at the Point ♥ Trend Offset Printing

Beautiful Store ♥ The British Lancaster Poker Run ♥ Costa Mesa Golf ♥ Cucina Urbana ♥ Cucina Enoteca Del Mar, Irvine and Newport Beach ♥ City of Cypress ♥ Encinitas-Poway Sushi ♥ Gail Moreno Golf Tournament ♥ Huya Bioscience ♥ Irish Party of San Diego ♥ Ironwood Golf ♥ Kiyonna Clothing of Anaheim ♥  Lakewood Golf ♥ Lucy's Boudoir ♥ Magnolia Café ♥ Paul Williams' Party ♥ The Parq Club in San Diego ♥ Rancho Santa Fe Golf ♥ Societe Bar ♥ Rusnak ♥ Women's Golf Leagues ♥ Woodcrest Helping Hands ♥  Z Supply

Every Bit Counts
Battling breast cancer takes an enormous physical, emotional and financial toll on our clients. Every bit donated to these women makes a difference. Being able to buy fresh vegetables, paying a utility bill and/or buying a birthday gift for a child are just a few small examples of how Breast Cancer Angels provide support to women enduring treatment. 
We do the best we can to help as many women as possible, but funds can only stretch so far. We rely on you and your donations and THANK YOU so much for your support. You have made my first year with Breast Cancer Angels a success and I am so happy to work with Founder Faye Dietiker, the Board and all of our patients who share their gratitude with me every single day!

Wishing you Love, Health and Wealth in 2016.

Debbie Stroman
Executive Director
Breast Cancer Angels


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Thank you!


KIYONNA Fundraiser Extended!


Buy the Bohemian Crochet Bellini in Blushing Pink online or in-store from now until 11/20/15, and KIYONNA Clothing will donate 50% of retail sales directly to Breast Cancer Angels!


Contact: Jennifer Hillman, Media Relations

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 949-254-0727

Boobs & Bubbly Breast Brunch Ever


Catch Faye and Lynda on TV!


Faye and our WONDERFUL Angel, Lynda DeWitt taped a fabulous interview on "The Heart Of Giving" show with Beverly O'Neil for the PADNET channel!

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A Message From Faye

Dear Angels,

Happy 2015! I am so thankful for all of you and the love and support you have always given to me and our women in treatment and their families. My prayer is for all of you  to have a wonderful year.

2014 was the first year we paid out over $500,000 in program needs. What an amazing year! Hundreds of women a month asked for our help. At the end of September we had paid out over $155,000 more than we had taken in. By December 31st we were back in the plus column. God and all of his earthly Angels had saved the day! A very big Thank you to all of you amazing supporters. 

Back in October we hired a Director of Operations; Debbie Stroman . I am confident that she will be able to take lead with the support of our Board of Directors and allow me to to step back after 15 years. I will still be around to advise and help as needed, but I am hopeful I can take a vacation and enjoy some time with my husband Don, who has been so supportive all of these years. 

We are filling up our calender with lots of events that  will help with the program costs for the rest of the year. Please support the events you can. If you have ideas on a fundraiser or want to host an Angel Party please call the office. Because of our corporate sponsor,Trend Offset Printing, and Anthony and Holli Lienau, 100% continues to go back out to our women in treatment!

With Love, 


We Can All Be Angels Here On Earth

Angels are friends who lift us up
when we are down. 
They are strangers 
who give gifts from the heart 
to people they will never meet. 
Angels gift us 
with hope and prayer. 
They go to God
and request miracles. 
We can all be angels 
here on earth, 
we just need to reach out
and offer our hearts. 

-    Faye Dietiker

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Casino Under the Stars at the ENC in Newport Beach




KIYONNA Fundraiser Extended!


Buy the Bohemian Crochet Bellini in Blushing Pink online or in-store from now through 11/20/15, and KIYONNA Clothing will donate 50% of retail sales directly to Breast Cancer Angels!


Contact: Jennifer Hillman, Media Relations

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 949-254-0727

Expressive Arts of San Diego present the O Show

Donate to help a San Diego client TODAY! 100% of your donation will be used to help! 

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Saturday, September 19th
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.



Woodcrest Helping Hands 1st Annual Golf Tournament

Breast Cancer Angels is very excited to partner up with Woodcrest Helping Hands to raise funds for our Inland Empire region.

Come and play and have some fun!! We look forward to seeing you on the course!



Ride for a Cause Motorcycle Poker Run

Thanks to Michelle and her team and The Britisher English Pub, We had a great time and raised $2,000. We have been assisting women in Lancaster thanks to these great people. 


San Diego Fund In Need. Here's Who We Help...

During the past year, we have assisted over 80 women who live in San Diego County. These are a few of their stories:

Nadia was only 32 when she was finally diagnosed. She had been trying to get a mammogram for months because she had felt a lump. Her doctors kept telling her it was a blocked milk duct.  She is now 35, stage 4, with a 4 year old and a 6 year old. She will never be out of treatment. We assist with food, gas and Wal-Mart cards. Her husband works two low wage jobs but misses work when she needs help.

Mandi was diagnosed at 28, She has a 5 year old child and should be done with treatment next month. We assist with food, gas and Wal-Mart cards. Her prognosis is good. Her husband works and goes to school, but they depended on her income also. 

Kelly was diagnosed at 29. She is now 32. She has a 9 year old daughter and is stage 4 with brain mets. Her life was completely changed by her diagnosis. Her husband left and does not pay child support. She has moved in with family members and we assist with food, gas and Target cards. Her prognosis is poor. 

These women were all young when they were diagnosed. They all have children and two will never work again.

Our San Diego fund is becoming critically low. We have some amazing events coming up in San Diego this month, and of course you can always become a monthly Angel donor!  We thank you for reading this! 

Please pray for comfort and healing for these women and their families.

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July and August Were Tough Months...

We lost three wonderful moms we were assisting, Angels.

Sandra was 34, a mom of 4 young children, misdiagnosed in 2013, diagnosed in January of 2014 and passed away in July. Six months is all the time she had to continue loving her husband and children.  

Laura was 37, a mom of 5 children under 18, originally diagnosed in 2005 at  age 28. She also passed away in July. We had been assisting her and her family since she was re-diagnosed in 2007. Her husband and children are devastated.

Brandi was 41, mom to 2 teen boys, diagnosed in 2010, passed away in August. She worked part-time until the end. Her family is also suffering.

All of these women were different and amazing. All wonderful moms who fought hard to stay alive for their children. The youngest woman we are now assisting is 28 the oldest is 86. These are the women who need our help to continue their battle.


Burgers for Boobies Cooked Up Success!


Breast Cancer Angels wants to send a BIG thank you to our new friend, Marison Beniek, who pulled together a REALLY fun and REALLY successful event in San Diego! Ms. Beniek helped us to raise close to $3,500 through Burgers for Boobies, a community event hosted by Endurance House! We were so moved my Ms. Beniek's personal commitment and her amazing community of friends and family. What a special crew! On be half of all the clients we are supporting in the San Diego area, thank you for lending us your wings! 

THANK YOU to the Lakewood Women's Golf Club!


We'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the organizers and attendee's of the Lakewood Women’s Golf Club’s 10th annual golf tournament for breast cancer on August 7th.  When this event began, it was on a very small scale. But OH BOY has grown! This year, as a result of the entry fee, a wonderful raffle, and individual donations from members, their families, and friends, the club raised $5,400!!!  

An extra thanks to Sunny Moss, Veronica Alford, Fran Ozeki and Virginia Masters for heading up this year’s event! Your team, and the 70 participants of this event are truly Angels! 

A Lovely "Thank You"


Just wanted to thank you for making a difference in this family's life! Please read this wonderful "thank you" BCA received :) 

"Dear Breast Cancer Angels, 

You will never know how much a blessing you have been to me and my 2 young children. To be honest, you took us off the street. You gave us a home after 2 years. Dealing with breast cancer for the past 12 months. Crazy time. Thank you from the all my heart." 



Thank You, Taylor!

Hello Angels! We would like to introduce you to someone! 

As you may know, BCA had a flurry of projects this Summer. We pulled off not one but THREE major events, and a number of other community projects! It was a lot of work, and we could not have gotten everything done without the help we received from of Ms. Taylor Cantwell, BCA’s first Summer Marketing Intern! 

Ms. Cantwell proved to be invaluable to us during this very busy time by helping BCA land media placements, writing amazing copy, creating cool posters, and so much more! 

Thank you for all your work, Taylor! We could not be more satisfied with our first internship experience!

You earned your wings this summer! 


Client Request...


We wanted to take a moment and share with you what a typical request looks like here at BCA. Other than removing any specific personal information, this correspondence has been left as-is. 

Currently, BCA is assisting over 120 clients per-month just like this. Our clients are brave, and your assistance has and will continue to mean the world to them. Thank you!

 can't thank you enough for this beautiful organization you've started. It has truly blessed me more than you know. I've been unemployed throughout my entire breast cancer treatment and your program has helped our family tremendously. I'm still suffering from severe neuropathy and bone pain. My last chemo was 4 months ago and it just seems to be getting worse. My oncologist has put me on some pain medicine so I'm hoping and praying for some relief. 

Please let me know if you are able to extend my assistance as I'm not ready to return to work yet. I don't receive any disability or any other form of income. It gets a little tight with only my husband providing. 

Thank you Faye! I look forward to meeting you one day. 


BCA Client 

Not What You Expect

Usually BCA sends letters filled with gift cards and a checks to our clients, but last week we got one from a client! Please read the transcription of the letter below. What a great little miracle is it. This is a great example of how grateful our clients are for your support, Angels, and how wonderful our clients truly are!   

 "Thank you and Breast Cancer Angels for all the assistance that's been given to me. I couldn't have made it through without it. Last week I received a check for rent and some gift cards. As you can see, I am returning them. My SSA same through a day before I revived this letter. To avoid bad karma I am returning these items. Again, I am grateful and thankful for all the assistance."




Breast Cancer Angels White Rose Luncheon Story!


Breast Cancer Angels is excited to present our latest Breast Cancer Angels Event, Breast Cancer Angels White Rose Luncheon – Long Beach! 

If you are looking to kick this Summer off right, come out on June 1st! It will be a day filled with good food, a "Summer Fun" opportunity drawing, and a whole set of new vendors! If you love our annual Christmas Luncheon, then you will love this event, which will be held in honor of two of our most faithful supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Ann Steinmetz! 

For the last 10 years, Jim and Ann have tremendously assisted Breast Cancer Angels in a magical way. Appearing as Santa and Mrs. Claus at numerous holiday gatherings all around Southern California, they bring cheer to all who meet them, and direct help to our clients in need by donating all that they make from their appearances to BCA!

Besides raising support for Breast Cancer Angels, Jim and Ann also appear at The Children’s Ward at The City of Hope, Thanksgiving Day Breakfast for Orangewood Children’s Home, and the Kirkwood Assisted Living Home.

Oh...and they also appear at the Breast Cancer Angels Annual Client Party at Boomers!

“Why a white rose?” you may be thinking. Firstly, a white rose is traditionally the rose that we give in remembrance of those we have lost. But there is a deeper meaning to the white rose for Breast Cancer Angels... 

We also want to take a moment on this day to celebrate and commemorate the women who have helped shape our lives. For those of us who have an ailing mother, or who have unfortunately lost the woman we called “Mom”, Mother’s Day can leave us with mixed feelings of gratitude, uncertainty, even grief.  What do we do with feelings like this on a day filled with flowers, cards, and brunches? 

Kathleen Cutt was a mother of three, a talented writer, an avid gardener, and in 2004 she was in the final phases of her 5-year fight with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. The mother of three was also separated from her husband, and was quickly running out of money for food. A family friend recommended that she reach out to a young community organization, called Breast Cancer Angels. She did, and in the last months of her life, Breast Cancer Angels helped Kathleen meet her household needs, until her death on December 15th, 2004. 

Soon after her death, the family home was sold, and ultimately her children ended up living together, helping each other graduate high school, and navigate college. 

Nine years after her death, Caitlin Cutt, Kathleen’s daughter, stepped onto a stage at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach, California, and introduced herself to 465 women at the Annual Breast Cancer Angels Christmas Luncheon and Boutique as the organization’s new Director of Marketing. At podium, Caitlin shared her family’s ties to BCA, and how BCA’s act of kindness impacted her mother and her brothers, and she excitedly shared the plans she has to help carry on the great work Breast Cancer Angels does. 

When the event ended, a woman approached Caitlin. The woman gave Caitlin a tearful hug, and revealed that she and her husband were the new owners of Caitlin’s former family home. The realtor had shared Kathleen’s story with the couple. The and her husband were moved by the story, and in memory of Kathleen, they had maintained the white roses Kathleen had tended in the front yard for so many years. Coincidentally, the couple had been donors to Breast Cancer Angels, never knowing this connection.

Join us as we reflect on all of the “white roses” that symbolize the elements our mothers tended in our lives that will always endure, and help support a unique resource for women and their families, who are struggling to afford life’s necessities every month, as they undergo breast cancer treatment in our surrounding area.

Please buy your tickets here! We look forward to seeing you!  

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